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WOLF is a non profit organization incorporated in May 2001 to provide and promote professional training for forest resource workers and the engaged public

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Woodland Operations Learning Foundation
2014 - 2015 Course Calendar

From Why to How

Courses explain science, regulation and best practice.

Instructors are trained experienced educators and subject matter experts.

Delivery and content is designed for all forest resource development and management agencies including government, utility, petroleum and wood products sectors.
Contractors, employees, supervisors and recreational forest users of all educational backgrounds will learn about science, regulation and best practice from these courses.
Training is delivered where and when you want in classroom, field, online or combined formats.
For face to face delivery, small classes of 15 to 25 people over 6 to 8 hours are normal, but larger groups may be accommodated with concurrent sessions, sequential sessions or as seminars or even conferences.
Classroom exercises are included and field exercises are encouraged.
Online classroom courses may also be scheduled for synchronous delivery with a live instructor.
Most courses are also available online — indicated with an asterisk* in this calendar. (Asynchronous delivery no live instructor).
Competence is examined and certificates of completion are issued for satisfactory test results. Student records are kept for life.
Most courses are eligible for Continuing Competence Credit for Alberta Professional Forest Technologists and Foresters.
Standards meet or exceed third party certification requirements for CSA, FSC or SFI.
Courses may be modified to meet local needs for time, regulation or other constraints. This may affect certification outcomes and cost.

Woodland Environmental Training

Woodland Water Quality, Erosion Control and Crossing Construction*
Woodland Water Crossing Monitoring and Inspections*
Woodland Water Legislation and Hydrology* (Two separate courses online)
Woodland Stewardship*
Woodland Insects, Diseases and Weeds in Alberta*
Woodland Waste Management
Woodland Environmental Management Systems, Certification and Compliance*
Woodland Operations Spill Response*
Woodland Wildlife and Biodiversity*
Woodland Operations Fire Prevention*
Woodland Soils*
Woodland Road Construction*
Woodland Road Maintenance*
Woodland Road Reclamation*
Woodland Harvest Block and Road Layout*
Innovative Pipeline Strategies*
Woodland Adaptive Management (Healthy Landscapes)*
Site Preparation
Woodland Biomass Harvesting*
Silviculture Operations
Exploring Woodland Career Opportunities*
Introduction to Forest Management*
Integrated Resource Management*
Woodland Species at Risk*
Woodland Historical Resources*
(*Courses are available online)

Woodland Operational Training

Log Quality
Equipment Maintenance and Service – Introduction*
Equipment Maintenance and Service – Machine Hydraulics*
Equipment Maintenance and Service – Machine Electrical Systems*
Equipment Maintenance and Service – Measuring Systems*
Woodland Harvest Strategies in Alberta* (Two separate courses online)
Log and Fibre Haul Professional Driver Improvement Course (PDIC)*
Woodland Road Class 5 Driver Improvement
Geotextile Reinforced Soil (GRS) for Woodland Roads
Woodland Mapping and AVI*
Woodland Dispositions*
Woodland GPS/GIS*
(*Courses are available online)

Woodland Business Training

Woodland Business Reporting*
Woodland Operations Business Plans*
Woodland Machines Costing*
Woodland Contract Management*
(*Courses are available online)

Train the Trainer Courses

Becoming a Master Instructor (NAIT) Level 100, 200 and 300 - With this training you may become a WOLF Instructor or curriculum developer within your area of expertise.

Simulator Training and Evaluation

Simulator evaluation and training for equipment operators on feller buncher, processor, forwarder and excavator.

Course Development

WOLF’s course development team is available to create customized learning resources for your workforce. WOLF’s learning resource team includes subject matter experts from all forest resource sectors trained to instruct, write curriculum and assess students in any learning environment. The classroom, the field or electronic media are familiar ground for WOLF custom course development and delivery.

If you have ideas for new courses please let us know.

Course Scheduling and Cost

To schedule and coordinate a WOLF course delivery, simulator training or to participate in the Train the Trainer program, please contact the WOLF office or the Executive Director, Dave Blackmore at
(780) 830-6611 or check out our website www.w-o-l-f.ca.

Course curriculum is developed by WOLF with funds from
Rural Alberta Development Fund (RADF)
Forest Resource Improvement Association of Alberta (FRIAA) and
Northern Alberta Development Council (NADC)
Online courses were developed by WOLF with funds from
Northern Alberta Development Council (NADC) and
Alberta Employment and Immigration, Community Development Trust Fund
And are hosted for online distribution by Northern Lakes College
Simulators were funded with support from RADF, Caterpillar, Finning and Brandt Tractor


Woodland Operations Learning Foundation (WOLF) is a not for profit corporation established by forest resource stakeholders and Northern Lakes College (NLC) in May 2001. WOLF captures the most up to date knowledge base, develops learning resources, recruits students, delivers training and provides services and consultation to recognized educators, forest resource agencies and workers within western Canada.

WOLF is governed by a fourteen member Board of Directors comprised of organizations that have a share in the future of forest lands in western Canada. WOLF’s President and Directors are elected from its membership, which is open to all stakeholders in forest practice. WOLF’s Board and membership are its managers and the core of its customer base.

Northern Lakes College (NLC) was instrumental in the creation of WOLF and continues to support WOLF through agreements to share services and resources. WOLF’s mandate also supports relationships with any secondary or post secondary educators engaged in forest resource teaching.

Though WOLF primarily addresses education for governmental and industrial woodland workers, the driver is respect for public interest in and shared uses of forest lands. WOLF specifically offers these educational resources to Aboriginal, Métis and rural communities as well as direct workforce training.

Government, corporations and professionals working on public forest lands must demonstrate competent practice and sustainability to meet local public and global market demand for proof of healthy and sustainable forests. Economic and social opportunity, especially for rural, Métis and Aboriginal communities must be developed. Training for sustainable development on public forest land is critical for these communities.

Rapid change from global competition, world energy and carbon markets, research, new technologies and regulation render traditional knowledge delivery mechanisms inadequate.

Forest resource communities and their workforces face ever increasing levels of complexity implementing these changes, while providing proof of their competent practice. Traditional training practices do not meet adult worker’s learning needs and do not reflect global forest resource markets and governmental requirements for due diligence and third party certification.

WOLF is structured to accept the challenge of continuous improvement in capturing and distributing the newest regulation, standards of practice and technologies as competency assessed and certifiable learning resources. WOLF training is developed and delivered using the best practices of its education partners including registration, adult education techniques for instructor training and learner resource development, work practicum, distance delivery technology, equipment operation simulation and competence assessment.

Company Overview

2013 – 2014


Susan Roper – Roper Ventures Ltd.
Les Zeller – Zell Industries Inc.
Rick Eliuk – EliukTransport Ltd.
Gervin Antypowich – Triple G Construction Inc.
Robert Anderson – FORCORP


Lee Rueb – Daishowa-Marubeni International Ltd. (DMI)
Gary Harmata - Alberta Plywood Ltd.
Mike Haire – Vanderwell Contractors (1971) Ltd.
Marcel LeCoure- Millar Western Forest Industries
Barb Cornish – Tolko Industries Ltd.


Rob Clayton – Brandt Tractor Ltd.
Samuel Sundstrom - Finning Canada Ltd.


Jamie Bruha – Alberta Environment and Sustainable Resource Development


Ann Everatt – President

2013 – 2014


Robert Anderson – President Robert Anderson - President
Samuel Sundstrom – Vice President Samuel Sundstrom – Vice President
Susan Roper – Past President Susan Roper – Past President
Monica Schuhmacher – Secretary Monica Schuhmacher - Secretary
Nelson Lutz - Treasurer Nelson Lutz - Treasurer

Ann Everatt
Jamie Bruha
Marcel LeCoure
Dave Blackmore
Lee Barton
Mike Haire


Jamie Bruha – Leadership Team
Susan Roper – Leadership Team
Marcel LeCoure
Lee Rueb
Gary Harmata

Jerry Sunderland – WOLF Contractor
Anne Thomas – WOLF Contractor
Mark Coolen – WOLF Contractor
Bevan Davidson – WOLF Contractor


Susan Roper
Ann Everatt
Monica Schuhmacher
Jamie Bruha
Gary Harmata


"WOLF provides professional quality education services and certifications integrating forest land management disciplines for forest resource workers"

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