Waskesiu Lake

Waskesiu Lake, Saskatchewan


Waskesiu Lake is a lake located roughly in the centre of Prince Albert National Park. The lake's name, meaning "red deer," or elk, in the Cree language, is also the name of the resort town northwest of Prince Albert, Saskatchewan, on its eastern shore. Waskesiu Lake is by far the most developed lake in the park, and features a variety of recreational facilities along all sides of its shoreline, including two public camp grounds: Red Deer and Beaver Glen. The lake has one island off its western shore known as King Island (formerly Devil's Island) after park founder William Lyon Mackenzie King.ClimateWaskesiu experiences a borderline humid continental/subarctic climate (Köppen Dfb/Dfc). The highest temperature ever recorded in Waskesiu was 36.5C on 5 June 1988. The coldest temperature ever recorded was -48.3C on 21 January 1935.

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Waskesiu Lake
Waskesiu Lake, Saskatchewan
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Waskesui Lake
Waskesiu Lake, Saskatchewan
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Waskesiu Lake, Saskatchewan
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