St. Adolphe, Manitoba

St. Adolphe, Manitoba


Saint Adolphe, or St. Adolphe, is a community in the Rural Municipality of Ritchot, Manitoba, Canada. It is located along the east bank of the Red River, approximately 7 kilometers south of Winnipeg.The area was first settled by the Métis in the 1850s and later by farmers who relocated from Quebec and Eastern Canada in the latter half of the 19th century. In 1906, a group of French nuns from the Filles de la Croix order opened a Roman Catholic convent and school at St. Adolphe. The convent was the site of a reported miracle in 1922, when one of the Sisters, stricken with tuberculosis and near death, miraculously recovered after several days of prayer. In 1967, the Sisters converted the school into a nursing home and later sold it in 1972. The building served as a personal care home until 2013, at which time it was replaced by a new state-of-the-art facility in the neighbouring town of Niverville. The convent was demolished in June 2017.St. Adolphe is serviced by a post office, an elementary and middle school, an indoor hockey arena, community centre, curling club, numerous local businesses, and the R.M. of Ritchot's administrative offices. Although it remains a predominantly francophone community, the number of non-French speaking residents has rapidly increased in recent years as St. Adolphe has become a bedroom community for the city of Winnipeg.


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