Spirit's Gate Ranch Equine Massage Therapy

Site 14 Box 1 RR 1, Millarville, Alberta T0L1K0


Price Range

$$$ (30-50)


Certified Equine Massage Therapist & Energy Healing Specialist working with Equine, Canine, and Human clients to aid in achieving and maintaining wellness.


Approximately 60% of a horse’s total body weight is comprised of muscle and tendons. This musculature system is directly involved in locomotion and movement. Tension and spasms obstruct or prevent optimal movement and will cause problems in the horse’s performance. Healthy, spasm free, fully extensible muscle tissue is less prone to injury. As homeopathic and natural remedies are quickly becoming the choice for injuries, massage has emerged in the forefront of modalities used, as its benefits are profound, and almost instantly a difference can be observed as the horse will begin to move more easily.

-increases nutrition to muscle
-increases elimination of waste products
-stimulates muscle tone
-increases muscle working efficiency
-relaxation and relief of muscle spasm
-increases range of motion
-restores extensibility
-decreases recovery time for fatigued muscles
-breaks down adhesions-scar tissue and restores extensibility of muscle fibers

-increases circulation
-decreases blood pressure
-increases oxygen movement
-increases carbon dioxide and cell waste disposal
-strengthens and slows heart rate
-aids in cellular nutrition as more oxygen rich blood washes over cells
-increases venous return, arteries and veins dilate

-increases drainage of lymph – very effective in lower limb swelling reduction
-increases drainage of lactic acid, the prominent cause of fatigue
-assists detoxification
-assists immunity

-increases vital capacity (the amount of air moving in and out of the lungs at a normal rate)
-expands bronchial tubes
-increase elimination of mucous in lungs
-increases mobility of thorax

Massage has a profound influence on the nervous system
-stimulate sympathetic system for stimulating effect, stimulate parasympathetic system for relaxing effect
-promotes increased activity of the muscles, vessels and glands
-produces relief of pain and irritability
-promotes nutrition of nerves by its beneficial effect upon digestion, elimination and circulation
-stimulates gut
-stimulates glands for increased hormonal release
-improves joint mobility
-increases circulation in all systems – profound aspect of massage – can also be used to increase circulation to the hoof for horses that have: laminitis (48 hours after onset), navicular, abscess, general heat in hoof
-Improves flexibility and suppleness
-increases or relaxes muscle tone
-promotes peristalsis – movement of the gut – profound results have been reached in the relief of colic

Ill fitting tack
Over stretching
Lack of stretching prior to an event
over training
Cooling down or warming up too quickly
Result of poor or stressful conformation
Forging, while trying to save itself from a fall
Collisions with other horses
Imbalanced rider
Playing in the paddock

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