Sandilands Provincial Forest

Hadashville, Manitoba

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The Sandilands Provincial Forest is located within the southeastern area of Manitoba, Canada and consists of thousands of acres of sand hills, forest, wetlands, and mostly unpopulated crown lands. Sandilands Provincial Forest covers close to 3,000 km². The area has been logged for decades, and it is popular for hiking, hunting, and camping. The large sand eskers and hills were left behind by the last ice age as the glaciers retreated and deposited large rocks, boulders, and vast amounts of sand. These sand ridges sometimes called the Bedford Hills or Cyprus Hills, are the second highest point in Manitoba, behind Baldy Mountain.Under The Forests Act, Provincial Forests were developed primarily as a source of sustainable timber supply for forestry operations. Today there are 15 designated Provincial Forests in Manitoba, totaling almost 22,000 km². Crown forests are managed for diverse economic, environmental, social and cultural uses.In descending order of land area, the forest is located within the Rural Municipalities of Reynolds, Piney, and Stuartburn. The nearest incorporated places are Ste. Anne and Steinbach, both lying to the west. The southernmost points in the forest lie on the border with the state of Minnesota.


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