Rural Municipality of Franklin


''For the community west of Neepawa, Manitoba see Franklin, Manitoba.The Rural Municipality of Franklin is a former rural municipality in the Canadian province of Manitoba. It was originally incorporated as a rural municipality on December 22, 1883. It ceased on January 1, 2015 as a result of its provincially mandated amalgamation with the Town of Emerson to form the Municipality of Emerson – Franklin.The RM was located in the southeastern part of the province, along the border with the state of Minnesota in the United States. The 2006 Census reported a population of 1,768 persons, a slight decrease from the 1,781 reported in the 2001 Census. The Roseau River Anishinabe First Nation Indian reserve lied between the RM of Franklin and the neighbouring RM of Montcalm.Historic buildings in the RM of Franklin included the All Saints Anglican Church in Dominion City. It is now the Franklin Museum.CommunitiesUnincorporated Arnaud Carlowrie Dominion City Fredensthal Green Ridge Ridgeville Rosa Roseau River Senkiw Tolstoi Woodmore


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