Nu You Wellness

Winnipeg, Manitoba



Reiki Services to Energize, Rejuvenate & Balance your body
Holistic Nutrition is more than just a diet, it's a lifestyle

General Info

Services Offered:
Reiki Sessions
1 Hour - $65
3 sessions - $160

Diet Assessments
Guided Grocery Shopping
Meal Plans
In-Home Cooking Classes


Reiki can help anyone from infancy to the elderly increase energy and reduce pain!

Nutrition has an affect on every body system, working with a Holistic Nutritionist can help balance your body no matter what other approaches you may have tried!

Customized Nutrition plans can be made for anyone, including these:

Pregnancy & Infants
Effects of Menopause
Weight Loss
Heart Disease
Lower High Blood Pressure
Lower High Cholesterol
Control Migraines
Celiac Disease
Increase Energy
Better Sleep & Reduced Stress
Stonger Immune System

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