La Broquerie, Manitoba

La Broquerie, Manitoba


La Broquerie is an unincorporated community recognized as a local urban district in the Rural Municipality of La Broquerie, Manitoba, Canada. It is a predominantly Francophone community located approximately 70 kilometres southeast of Winnipeg, at the confluence of Highways 52, 210, and 302.For most of the community’s history, La Broquerie has been ranked as Manitoba’s largest dairy producer. A distinctive display at the south entrance to the community features a huge, decorative cow.The area's geography makes it attractive to winter sports. One can snowmobile and cross-country ski along the nature trails in the town as well as throughout the entire Sandilands Provincial Forest area. The community also has a golf course, La Verendrye Golf, named after the family of 18th century explorers. The St. Joachim Museum contains historic artifacts pertaining to the history of the French and Belgian settlers since 1877.SportsHockey is a huge part of life in La Broquerie and has been for 60 years. In the early 1950s, local residents spent months cutting and logging wood for the building of a new arena. The arena was built by hand with the help of countless local volunteers. Over the years, the arena burnt down on three occasions, and on all three occasions, local residents lobbied local businessmen and different levels of government to rebuild it. The volunteer board that has been overseeing the entire hockey program for 60 years is the Club Sportif.


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