Kananaskis Improvement District

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Kananaskis Improvement District is an improvement district in Alberta, Canada. It is located within Alberta's Rockies, sharing much of its boundaries with Kananaskis Country.The administrative centre of the improvement district is Kananaskis Village.HistoryThe following is the incorporation history of Kananaskis Improvement District. April 1, 1945 – Improvement District (I.D.) No. 161, I.D. No. 192, and a portion of I.D. No. 193 amalgamated to form I.D. No. 33January 1, 1969 – I.D. No. 33 amalgamated with I.D. No. 27 to form I.D. No. 6, while adjacent I.D. No. 46 and I.D. No. 50 amalgamated to form I.D. No. 8January 1, 1983 – portions of I.D. No. 6 and portions of I.D. No. 8 amalgamated to form I.D. No. 5April 1, 1996 – the name of I.D. No. 5 changed to Kananaskis Improvement DistrictCommunities and localitiesThere are no communities located within Kananaskis Improvement District.The following localities are located within Kananaskis Improvement District: Localities Bow Valley ParkCamp HorizonKananaskis VillageKovachMount Kidd RV ParkSeebeDemographicsIn the 2016 Census of Population conducted by Statistics Canada, the Kananaskis Improvement District recorded a population of 221 living in 58 of its 79 total private dwellings, a change of from its 2011 population of 249. With a land area of 4213.95km2, it had a population density of in 2016.

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