Jade's Alchemy Connection

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Jade facilitates Meditation, Laughter Yoga, Spiritual Mediumship and Heart Virtues(tm)


In her early 30’s Jade Soetaert decided that chasing the almighty dollar wasn’t all it was cut out to be, and starting searching for her soul. She found it. During a personal development seminar in the mountain terrain outside of Whistler, B.C. she was introduced to Heart Virtues™. Through the Heart Virtues™ process she discovered what was at the core of her soul, what was yearning to be experienced in her life. The process was so powerful for her that she committed to learn the process herself and create opportunity for others to find their Soul’s Purpose. Jade has been a Heart Virtues™ Expert since 2008, working with people to create clarity about what it is the really want in life.
During her time facilitating Heart Virtues™ workshops and seminars around North America, Jade found a very exciting way to get people out of their heads and into their bodies: Laughter Yoga. Laughter Yoga is a combination of Laughter Exercises and simple Yoga breathing techniques. Jade became a certified Laughter Yoga Leader in 2009 and has worked with groups of over 200, from the ages of 4-80!
Jade has been able to connect with Spirit since she was a small child – her Maternal Grandfather would visit her – many years after he had passed away. After many years of avoiding her gift; Jade has embraced it wholeheartedly and is currently in the Advanced Development Circle with the Calgary First Spiritualist Church where she facilitates Mediumship once a month. In facilitating Mediumship she brings proof that there is life after death; and brings messages of healing to people suffering from the grief of losing a loved one.
During the transitional time that Jade started to be open to the idea of connecting with Spirit, she heard the message: “Be Still and Be Quiet”. Although she had no idea where or who the message was coming from she decided to do just that…Be Still and Be Quiet for a period of time each day. Throughout this process she developed her 4-week Introduction to Meditation - “Be Still and Be Quiet”.
In the 4 week Course students learn how to connect with their Spirit Family (Guide’s), release negative emotions, create positive emotions, send positive energy out as well as create it internally while communicating with their Higher Selves. Jade also includes playing her Crystal Singing Bowl which raises the vibration of meditation to a much higher level than is achievable on our own. The body’s cells are crystalline based so the vibration created from the crystal bowl speaks directly to the cells in the body to create a vibrational healing and enhance the meditation.
What her students are saying:
“…my anxiety has improved and I feel closer to my inner/higher self. Being able to let go and “be” has offered me a sense of freedom – acceptance and gratitude for where I am and where I am going….It has been a very fulfilling and empowering.” D. Gould
“It was a wonderful experience…listening to everyone’s own experience. It was more than I expected and found the peace I received afterward addicting.” C. Schlossberger


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