Breeding Kiko and Kiko mix goats.


Flatland Farm was founded in 2013


Flatland Farm was developed in response to the growing movement of people becoming more aware of where their food comes from and who produces it. Flatland Farm is pleased to meet this need with it's breeding program of highly productive and healthy goats. All my goats are raised antibiotic free (where possible), vaccine free and chemical free. This means I use natural and herbal remedies wherever possible and do not vaccinate for disease. I believe disease can be controlled with good management and husbandry practices. All of my goats are as nature intended. I do not disbud.


To breed high quality and chemical free Nubian dairy goats and Boer/Kiko meat goats for consumers.


Purebred Nubian dairy goats.

Boer/Kiko meat goats.


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