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CKJS is a multilingual radio station. The station broadcasts from 520 Corydon Avenue in Winnipeg, Manitoba with sister stations CFJL-FM and CHWE-FM.The station is the only multilingual radio station in Manitoba serving more than twenty different ethnic groups.HistoryThe station was founded in 1974 by Casimir Stanczykowski; CKJS was the second station to be established by Stanczykowski, behind Montreal's multicultural station CFMB.In the '80's it also boasted, for a very short time, a cutting edge alternative music program (well before such programs existed on AM radio in particular) called Nightbeat. This program was responsible for promoting local talent and giving airplay to music that wasn't being played on mainstream radio.In 2006, the station was sold to Newcap Broadcasting. In May 2011, Newcap announced the sale of both CKJS and CHNK-FM to Evanov Communications, pending CRTC approval. The deal was approved on October 24, 2011. In November 2014, Evanov announced that it would acquire CFMB, which re-united both of Stanczykowski's stations under common ownership.


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