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mike"brother nature "roberts


As long as i can remember i was brining home garter snakes age 14 i got my first snake a boa constrictor. Back then ther was no internet so alot of what i earned was trial in error.
over the years i had owend many diffrent species of reptiles every thing from snakes to camens.About 8 to 9 years ago i decided to try my hand at breeding.My fist sucsess was with bearded dragons.i produced several clutches with the 2 pairs.At this time i started collecting heavly i was buying animals on impulse if i was at reptile show and i was even remotely interested in a critter i and afford it i would buy it some times even if i couldnt aford it.Now i try to discurage this type of impulse buying i wish someone was around to set me str8 back then it would have saved me alot of grief(and cash).My next atempt to breed was ball pythonsi had 4 clutches over 2 years.By this time my collection was getting verry large.It consisted of 4 thpes of lizards and 12 species of snakes. Not long after this i decided that ball pytons were not my thing.I decided to go back to my original love boas. at the time i had 1 adult and 2 close to breeding size female bcis.I started selling of my collection to buy boas.I got my first salmon het albino from a friend who vended at the showes here in Alberta.The price tag was $1800 for him.I got him in trade but if i remember corectly i had paid over 2500 for the ball python group i traded shortly after i had a kahl albino and inported a group of snakes from the states.Id like to say i started breeding there and things went great,but that is far from the first down fall was a costly one,i was useing dimmers to controlle my heating.I was down stairs and my son who was 5 at the time.turned up the dimmer to the stack of cages that housed some of my adult make a long storry short the next morning i found 3 of the 4 that wer in the stack dead and the 4th died a few days later.I opted to save a few bucks and not buy a thermostat so saving $200 i literaly lost thousands.I wish i could say i got past that and moved on but thats not the case just around a year past that i was dealling with a severe alcohal problem well i wouldnt say i was dealing with it.Ultimetly it was the cause of the seperation between me and my then comon law wife,who is also the mother of my 4 children.Freom there it was a doward spiral,i lost everthing was basicly homeles with in 6 months.When u fall that hard it is extreamly hard to pic urself up.At this time i left the reptile hobby,over the 3 years that followed i worked thru my alcohal problem and got that relitivly under control(still enjoy my beers after work but not a dozen a day.Around 2.5 years ago i decided i was stable enough to start to rebuild my boa colection this time i did it the right way.i just dont buy a snake to ad numbers to my breeding projects.I look for the best of the best.ill pay %50 to double market value to get the right snake to fit the project.Imn up to a modest 23 boas right now.5 ofthem are hold backs from last years pairing witch i refer to as the dinkering project witch ill decuse on this page.
And my best new news is i took custity of my 4 chidern last fall . Being a single dad with a full time job and a ever growing collection of boas is alot of work but its a labor of love and i wouldnt change it for the world.
stop by this page often as things well always be added and changing ill have some outstanding boas avalible shortly
Mike Brother Nature Roberts



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