Blumenort is an unincorporated community recognized as a local urban district in the Canadian province of Manitoba. It is located in the Rural Municipality of Hanover, just north of the city of Steinbach. It was founded in 1874 by Mennonite farmers. Today, its economy is based on agriculture and the service industry.HistoryPrior to about 1870, southeastern Manitoba, including the Blumenort area, were hunting, fishing, and trapping grounds used by the nomadic Ojibway people. In 1871, the government began negotiating to the articles of the Ojibway land claims for this region of Manitoba. By 1874, the First Nations people of southeastern Manitoba had moved onto the Brokenhead and Rousseau River Reserves. By this time, the government surveyed the land and readied it for expansion by European settlers. The first non-nomadic settlers in Blumenort were German speaking Mennonite farmers from South Russia who arrived in the summer of 1874. By 1875, Blumenort consisted of 24 families.The original settlement form was the traditional linear settlement of Plautdietsch speaking "Russian" Mennonites. In 1910, Blumenort was dismantled as the farmers disbursed to move onto the land they farmed. Barns and houses were relocated and within a few years little evidence of the former community remained, its street serving as a driveway for two farming families.


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