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Fresh Pure Manitoba Unpasturized Honey!!!!


Bee Boyzz Honey (A Division of Paseschnikoff Apiaries)

Kon Paseschnikoff has loved and been fascinated by bee keeping most of his life. His father, Konstantin Sr. kept bees in both Canada and Venezuela many years ago. Kon has just under 100 honey hives now and hopes to grow significantly over the next few years with the help of his wife, Julie and three children, Katarina, Daniel and Gregori. He finds bee keeping addictive and no wonder as Paseschnikoff means bee keeper in Russian.

Our fresh pure unpasteurized Manitoba honey can be ordered through facebook or found at the following local farmers markets where we also sell our fresh Manitoba produce:

St. Norbert Farmers Market (Saturdays)
Assiniboia Downs Farmers Market (Saturdays)
Downtown Biz Farmers Market at the Hydro building (Thursdays)

Available are fresh pure unpasteurized creamed and liquid honey. Pure beeswax candles and bee pollen.

Hope to see you there !


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